The Lower Turks Head

The Lower Turks Head

76 x 50 cm
Original being sold via silent auction in aid of Real Change MCR
£40 limited edition print

‘This story highlights the plight of the homeless on a autumn night. I painted this scene as I come across homeless people on the streets of Manchester on the way home from work as a call centre worker working in the Arndale tower. It makes me sad to see the homeless struggling. I count my blessings that I have a family house and home.’


The Lower Turks Head,

Homeless man

Wishes he were dead,

Outside the pub

On an autumn night,

Cold freezing wet floor,

He’s hopin for more,

Spare some change Mr,

As he holds out his cup,

To the call centre worker,

Yeah he’s finished for the day,

Works in the Arndale tower

Don’t glower it’s an iconic tower,

He’s had a stressful day,

Calls 24 hrs a day,

He just wants a pint at the end of his shift,

Cos he’s a modern worker,

He’s no shirker,

he’s a hard worker,

looks at the homeless man and thinks how this can happen man,

this poor man with his dog is down on his luck,

who gives a f**k,

so he puts his hand in his pocket

and hands him some change,

god bless Mr,

as he looks at his blister

on his hand,

he can’t even stand,

he’s down on his luck,

he’s had hard luck,

so the call centre worker

says it’s alright mate

and goes into the pub orders a pint

and drinks into the night,

he thinks it could be me or anyone  that’s on the street tonight ,

a homeless life of trouble and strife,

but he’s got a life outside of work

a family house and home,

he’s thinkin of the long walk home

at the end of the night

on a Friday night,

but it’s alright

cos he’s in The Lower Turks Head,

Homeless man

Wishes he were dead,

Outside the pub

On an autumn night

Cold freezing wet floor,

He’s hopin for more.


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This work is being donated by the artist via silent auction to Real Change MCR, a charity fund that helps homeless people across Manchester. Please visit their website for more information.
To bid:

You can bid in person at the gallery by filling in a bidding slip and posting it in the box. Or you can bid online.

To enter the silent auction online, please email with your name, phone number and highest bid amount.

The highest bidder will be contacted at the end of the exhibition. Payment will need to be made directly to Real Change MCR. Once payment is confirmed, the winner can collect the painting from Salford Museum and Art Gallery to enjoy!

If you are unable to bid, but would still like to support Real Change MCR, you can make a donation via their website

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