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Salford Quays Swing Bridge No1 by Night

Salford Quays Swing Bridge No1 by Night

120 x 40 cm
£450 original
£40 limited edition print

Salford Quays swing bridge by night,

Yeah the quays,

There’s not many trees,

Lots of water surrounds you,

Old docks of the past,

Turned into a haven,

Of leisure for your pleasure,

The BBC stands on the right,

that shines a light

Of broadcasting power,

Every hour,

Even in a shower,

But don’t glower,

There’s a swing bridge,

That leads you to the other bank,

And we can thank ITV,

cos Coronation Street is on the other side,

Shinin a beacon of light,

Stories to tell

Of a Mancunian and Salford way of life,

Of trouble and strife,

People have got a life,

So as we look on this Salford scene,

We can dream,

Of a better way of life,

Yeah, Salford Quays swing bridge by night,

It’s alright

On a summers night


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