Mancunian Way by Night

Mancunian Way by Night

120 x 40 cm
£450 original
£40 limited edition print

‘This is a story of a homeless man under the bridge and subway at night.’


Mancunian Way by night,

A homeless night,

On a restless night,

A long sweeping bridge,

Highway in the sky

Makin me cry,

Cos there’s a homeless guy

Pushing a trolley underneath,

The subway nearby,

With bags piled high,

Lookin for a place to sleep,

Settle down for the night,

On a restless night,

Cars buzzin by,

highway in the sky,

He thinks will I die tonight,

Cos he’s an old guy,

he’s frail,

went to jail for many a year,

But he once had a life,

With no trouble or strife

Had a wife and family,

lived it up,

had fun in the sun,

he was no bum,

then it went wrong

amongst the throng,

his family died and he cried,

so he fell in the gutter,

lost his bread and butter,

turned to drink and drugs for hugs,

now he’s full of bugs,

under the Mancunian Way subway,

so help him today,

call Streetlink on 0300 500 0914,

so yeah,

Mancunian Way by night,

On a homeless night,

a restless night,

A long sweeping bridge,

Highway in the sky,

Makin me cry,

So go on help this guy


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