Andrew Alan Matthews Painting Demo

Salford Cinema by Day

On Sunday 22 October Andrew Alan Matthews worked in the gallery on a new painting. Visitors were able to watch him work, ask him questions and have a chat. It was a great day and Andrew recorded the session. Please click on the links below to watch the demo.


Painting demo part 1

Painting demo part 2

Painting demo part 3


The artist says:

This building on the corner of Chapel Street and Trinity Way has an unusual history. It was originally built as a Scottish Presbyterian Church in 1846, complete with tall spire. The present frontage was then added in 1912 and it was opened as the Salford Cinema (one of the first in Salford and Manchester), which then changed in 1938 to the Rex Cinema, surviving until 1958 before becoming a bingo hall between 1967 and 1985. Now the wheel has come full circle, and the building is once again a House of God as The New Harvest Christian Fellowship Church.


Story by Andrew Alan Matthews 


Salford Cinema 

Corner of Chapel Street

And Trinity way 

No way 

Modern Salford Today

Started out 

as a Scottish church

In 1846

Then changed 1912 

Salford Cinema 

First in the area 

Then a Rex Cinema 

And Bingo hall 

67 to 85

Then house of God again

So think again 

Cos It’s a Salford landmark  

Where skyscrapers 

And cars buzzin by 

A Salford grey sky

As modern folk 

Walk on past

On there way to work 

Or a night out 

Histories all about 

These Salford streets 


So yeah 

Salford Cinema 

Corner of Chapel Street

And Trinity way 

No way 

Modern Salford Today


To listen to the artist click here

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