In Salford we believe that health and wellbeing can be improved by connecting with culture, creativity and heritage.

Creativity includes everything from music and dancing, to reading and art, and gardening and cooking. Anything creative that makes us feel good is enriching our creative health.

When we visit a museum, art gallery, library or theatre we’re also connecting with culture. If you’re researching your local history you’re connecting to your heritage.

Our goal is to make sure more people in Salford have access to these creative activities, ideas and places. We want to talk to local people about what other opportunities they’d like to see in the city. And we’d like to explore the impact of creativity on making us all feel better.

Finding your Creative Health in Salford

Salford has an amazing range of creative and cultural venues:

And there are loads of creative groups and activities to join:

In August we’ll be sharing ideas for finding your creative health in Salford using the hashtag #YourCreativeHealth.

Join in

Partners across Salford will be working together to connect up creative and cultural venues in the city. We want to work with local people to develop creative health in Salford. Would you like to be part of this conversation?

Email to join Salford’s Creative Health Network.

Find out more

  • Creative Health takes its name from a parliamentary report exploring how engagement with creativity, culture and heritage improves health and wellbeing, read more →
  • Greater Manchester’s goal is to be a creative health city. This means that Greater Manchester will be the first city region in the world to realise the power of creativity, culture and heritage in improving the health and wellbeing of its residents, read more →

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