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Online Exhibition

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Salford Museum and Art Gallery

Showcasing the talent of local artists

03 Aug 2021 - 31 Oct 2021

Open to all artists who currently live, work, study or were born in Salford


Hannah O'Toole 2019

Eccles Bus Station

Philip Westcott January 2021

Soul Shiver

Louie Porter February 2021


Virginia Bellhouse Moran 2020

Moses Gate CP

George Lee 2021

Bridge over River Roch. Blocked off rather than repaired

David Norris April 2021


Tom Lechthaler November 2020

The Quarters

Carla Maguire 2020

Big Frank | Bronze Frank

David Dunnico 2021

Lockdowns for Goalposts

Ethan Davies June 2020

Then & There

Rowan Pritchard 2021

John's Windermere

Lizzie Leek June 2020

The River Irwell at the Thirteen Arches

Moira Glover April 2021

Still Life Daffodils

Hilda Kirkman 2021

Rain Worshipper

Audrey Pollitt 2020

Episyrphus Balteatus

Stephen Suttill 2021

Our Canal Path

Rebecca Woodall October 2020


Janice Tyson November 2020

Rose and Eloise

Steven Ratcliffe March 2018

Mum Making the Covid Comfort Blanket

Lynn Kirkley March 2021

Covid Comfort Blanket

Brenda Vitler March 2021

Into the Blue

Brenda Hird February 2021

Year of the Mask- Winter

Carol Parkes 2021

Whitby Greengrocer

Simon Tucker November 2016

When Will We Three Meet Again?

Danny Morrell 2021


Craig Spilling 2005

Petroleum Spirit

Mike Parker September 2019

Salford Quays

Stephen Jones 2019

Your Bard

Paul Pickford June 2021

Blue Monday

Emma Lilley 2020

Holistic Colonisation

Mara Rotundu 2016

Ferry to Ostend

Peter Grove 2017

A Genuine Sense of Arrival

Greg Thomas January 2021

Late Summer Butterfly

Liang Sun August 2020

In a world where you can be anything, be kind

Year 2 The Cathedral School of St Peter and St John RC Primary April 2021

Sunrise over the Sea 1

Alison Ginns June 2021

Blue Pink Crystal Mass

Maria Garton 2021

Dover Inn, Salford

Andrew Alan Matthews 2021

The Olive Picker

Derek Croft 2020

Recycled Leaves

Marion Blinkhorn June 2021

Dried Hydrangea in Blue Vase

Jenny Unsworth November 2020

Engenho Falcao

Petronio Costa 2004

Amor de Luz

Claire Hughes December 2017

Untitled #1

Kevin Salisbury May 2021

Purple Dream

Victoria Flood 2019

Girl Potrait

Joseph Harris March 2021


Harrison Chantler July 2021

Lion Bob

Adam Lacey June 2021


Matthew Osborne June 2021

Sunset Abstraction

Paul Hopkins June 2021

Lake Landscape

Ian Walker June 2021

BLM Sport

Mark Goulding May 2021

Connell's Corona Crumble

Chris Connell February 2021


Kathryn Peterson 2020

Working Class Movement Library

Cyward Curran-Dumez July 2021

Salford Green Spaces

Cath Stanley May 2020

Now Then

Sonya Wynne Roberts 2020

Unknown Fantasy Family

Olga Mun 2021

Perennial 319

Sarah Connell July 2020

Earth, Ascending

Goldie Weltscher 2020

Yellow Again

Hannah O'Toole 2020

Bridge, Worsley

Philip Westcott November 2020


Catherine Russell October 2020

Reuse Reduce Recycle

Virginia Bellhouse Moran 2018

Amongst the Stars

George Lee 2020

Irwell Sculpture Trail. Richard Caink's Sculpture

David Norris March 2021

Taking Over

Tom Lechthaler November 2020

The Bridge

Carla Maguire 2020

Before & After

David Dunnico 2021

A Bike Flashes By

Ethan Davies July 2020

Latent Space Triptych

Rowan Pritchard 2020

On a Cold day in March

Lizzie Leek March 2019

Mending the Gas Leak

Moira Glover April 2021

Crazy World

Hilda Kirkman 2020

Moonlight Seas

Audrey Pollitt 2020

Myathropa Florea

Stephen Suttill 2020

Can We Play

Rebecca Woodall July 2021

Rose (no pants)

Steven Ratcliffe September 2018


Lynn Kirkley June 2021

As the mists and the forests traverse to the sea

Brenda Hird July 2021

Year of the Mask- Autumn

Carol Parkes 2021

Castlefield Sandal

Simon Tucker September 2016

I Trust and am Content

Danny Morrell 2021

Frozen Cabin

Craig Spilling 2009

ACM Replacement

Mike Parker May 2020

The Salford Griffon

Stephen Jones 2019

As Far From The Stars As You Can Get

Paul Pickford June 2021

Man's World

Emma Lilley 2020

Temptation, Like Sin, Leads You into Muck

Mara Rotundu 2016

Three Sisters, Ellesmere Park

Peter Grove 2021


Greg Thomas February 2021

Enlightenment of Rainbow

Liang Sun December 2020

Sunrise over the Sea 2

Alison Ginns June 2021

Falling Crystal Mass

Maria Garton 2021

Salford Quays Blue Cranes Tram by Night no.1

Andrew Alan Matthews 2019

Mining Boots

Derek Croft 2020


Marion Blinkhorn July 2021

Ageing Sunflowers in a Stripey Vase

Jenny Unsworth October 2020

Preserve a Natureza (Save Nature)

Petronio Costa 2006

Ascending Stairway

Claire Hughes February 2020

Vinyl Collection

Kevin Salisbury May 2021


Victoria Flood 2020

Waiting for Walkers

Joseph Harris June 2021

Puddle Fragment

Harrison Chantler April 2021

Mountains in Spring

Adam Lacey July 2021

Retro Cadbury's

Matthew Osborne June 2021

Beach Heaven

Paul Hopkins June 2021

Still Life Flowers

Ian Walker May 2021

Covid Emergency Box

Mark Goulding May 2021

When I Cared to Look (1 of 3)

Chris Connell May 2020

Create Your Own Adventures

Kathryn Peterson 2020

Manchester's Unseen 4

Cyward Curran-Dumez January 2020

Wardley Moss

Cath Stanley May 2020

No Matter

Olga Mun 2021

Perennial 431

Sarah Connell July 2020

Earth, Interrupted

Goldie Weltscher 2020


Catherine Russell November 2020

Thank you to all the artists who submitted their work.

We will be returning to the physical Open [3] in September 2022.

Keep an eye on our website for further details.

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